Gratitude Gift Sets

$ 29.00

Perfect gift sets for clients, staff, and referrals gifts! Call or email for customization.

Gratitude is a proven element of many people’s success story. Edible gratitude? The best ever. Send this unique and local gift today. All gluten free and some vegan options.

The Small Level Includes*:
• Frittle (2 boxes of Classic Peanut)
• Cellophane Wrap with Ribbon

The Medium Level Includes*:
• Frittle (2 boxes of Classic Peanut)
• Frittle (2 bags, 1 each of milk chocolate and dark chocolate)
• Sweet & Spicy Pecans (1)
• Cellophane Wrap with Ribbon

The Large Level Includes*:
• Frittle® (3 boxes total, one of each flavor)
• Frittle (3 bags, 1 each of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and sesame)
• Sweet & Spicy Pecans (2)
• Cellophane Wrap with Ribbon

* contents may vary slightly and trays are not included, but will always contain a beautiful display of our treats. Please call us with any questions.  We'll be happy to customize a gift for you!